Wild and Free Christmas Tree Rental

Every year around 8 Million trees are thrown away and wasted after Christmas
This year, why not rent a living tree, grown in a local peat-free nursery? Delivered, collected and taken back once enjoyed to be cared for and nurtured for use next year.
There are three varieties of tree to choose from:
The Nordmann Fir is a distinguished choice among Christmas trees, lauded for its lush, verdant foliage and superior needle retention. Its soft needles are kind to the touch, making it a splendid choice for families with young children, and its symmetrical form requires scant pruning to achieve that perfect Christmas tree silhouette. While it’s not as fragrant as the Norway Spruce, the Nordmann Fir exudes a gentle, fresh scent that adds a subtle charm to the festive ambiance.
Hailing from the rugged terrains of Georgia, the Nordmann Fir’s history may not be steeped in ancient lore, but its aesthetic allure and practical benefits have crowned it a modern favourite, especially on this side of the Channel.
The Nordmann Fir represents a low-maintenance, high-quality option, albeit with a higher price point. Its enduring needle retention translates to less sweeping and a consistent, handsome appearance throughout the festive season, making it a worthy investment for those valuing both convenience and aesthetic appeal.
This tree is available in 4 sizes:
  • 2ft - £25
  • 3ft - £35
  • 4ft - £45
  • 5ft - £55 (sold out)
The Norway Spruce is often regarded as the quintessential Yuletide tree, harking back to time-honoured Christmas traditions. Its classical shape and rich, dark-green foliage stand as a familiar centrepiece in any festive setting. The sweet, aromatic scent that wafts from its needles is synonymous with the essence of Christmas, evoking a sense of nostalgia. However, it does have a penchant for shedding its needles rather promptly if not properly watered.
The lore of the Norway Spruce reaches back to ancient Pagan traditions in Europe, where it was believed to ward off malevolent spirits, witches, and ailments, symbolising the resurgence of life amidst the wintry bleakness. This tradition of ushering a tree indoors evolved over centuries, melding seamlessly with Christian celebrations and becoming a hallmark of Christmas festivities.
The Norway Spruce’s robust branches are well-suited for adorning with ornaments, twinkling lights, and garlands, making it a delightful choice.
This tree is available in 2 sizes:
  • 2ft - £25
  • 3ft - £35
The Fraser Fir, native to the Appalachian Mountains, boasts a neat, pyramid shape with a touch of silvery glamour on the underside of its needles, which gleam under the twinkling Christmas lights. Its sturdy, upward-turning branches are well-suited for cradling heavier ornaments, ensuring your cherished decorations remain in situ throughout the festivities. Celebrated for its excellent needle retention and a pleasant, citrus fragrance, the Fraser Fir contributes a refreshing note to the holiday milieu.
The lore of the Fraser Fir is deeply entwined with the traditions of American pioneers, echoing the enduring spirit of early settlers celebrating Christmas amidst the wilderness. This hardy tree stands as a symbol of resilience and the joy of Christmas amidst the challenges of frontier life.
The robust branches, pleasant aroma, and excellent needle retention make the Fraser Fir a sought-after choice for those seeking a hassle-free yet historically rich option to grace their festive celebrations.
This tree is available in 3 sizes:
  • 2ft - £30
  • 3ft - £40
  • 4ft - £50

How does this work?

Once your tree has been delivered, just water it at regular intervals (consult the care guide we will include with every tree) and use as normal.
Once Christmas is finished, the tree will be collected and taken back to the peat-free nursery that grew it, and cared for throughout the year ready to be used again next Christmas for a new rental.
The price starts at £25 and goes up to £55. There are extras if you wish, like container pots and saucers, but these are things you may have already. The tree does come in a container already, but it's very utilitarian. The pot holder is more decorative.
One thing, there is a limited number of trees available and we’re working on the basis of reserving a place and then discussing the details.
All you need to do is fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch when we’re certain about the quantities available and finalise your rental.
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